The Way We Treat People With Intellectual Disabilities

25 Days to Make a Difference

Today I started doing some reading so I can learn more about the Special Olympics before I go to Idaho. Most of what I read was about how people with intellectual disabilities are often treated in our communities. The things that I read were very informational and they really made me think .

I learned that there are different models for thinking about the way we treat people with intellectual disabilities. The Charity Model of Disability takes place when people try to feel sorry for or take extra care of people who have these disabilities. I learned that we shouldn’t feel bad for or try to take care of people with intellectual disabilities because it takes their power away. We should treat everyone equally, even if they’re different from us because people with disibilities are just as powerful as the next person.

Sometimes poeple think that intellectual disabilities are a sickness like the flu or cancer. This is called the Medical Model. When…

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TCRA Road Safety Competition / Hackathon Kickoff May 10th 4pm


Download info-sheet (pdf) Download info-sheet (pdf)

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in collaboration with Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) are organizing a competition/hackathon for ‘ICT Based Solutions for Improving Road Safety‘ in the course of commemorating International Telecommunication Union – World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (ITU – WTISD) 2013 with the theme “ICTs and IMPROVING ROAD SAFETY”.

The organizers have come up with the following key problem statements/challenges after consultations with the road sector stakeholders:

Problem Statement Title 1: Road Accidents
The number of road accidents is on the rise. SUMATRA Data for 2011 shows that deaths caused by road accidents were 3981 and 20802 were injured.
To find an ICT solution that will reduce/prevent road accidents caused by negligence or recklessness driving.
To save life, money and property of the victims, family and the government resources.

Problem Statement Title 2: Good Governance
There has been a number of road…

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Public Transport for Disabled

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TDRCT is a locally registered non-governmental organization first

TDRCT is a locally registered non-governmental organization first established in
2012, it is a cross-disability organization. Its intention is to lobby and advocate for the rights of
People with disability. The Swahili word “TUSAIDIANE “means let’s help each other.

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